Week 15 (22/04/19 – 28/04/19)







Because Blogbooker requires a premium account after a number of exportation, copy past from wordpress to word manually.)

Testing the unity build

  • Remove DeleteAll (PlayerPrefs key) when quit the application – TimeSpending.cs
  • Change the life span of the butterfly to 24 hours (10 minutes) – ID_butterfly.cs


Minor bugs

  • UV mapping of 3D assets – (import from .jpg and export in .png the texture file in gimp)
  • Light – (change direction of light)
  • Add story –
  • Scroll panel goes too far (Collection scene) – (change size of content and Panel_picture)
  • Add localization everywhere
  • Flag in parameter Scene starts as english when it’s french – (DeleteAll() that would delete the language)
  • No limit for feeding butterfly (in panel) – code was commented so uncommented it
  • Scroll panel is in behind butterfly – (change z)
  • Shadow/light
  • Food game, selection of testing mode doesn’t work – change getting the mode in Start() instead of Awake()


  • Food Game, object destroyed result of missing reference exception – coroutine stopped too soon? Once the flowers are on their way to the bag, the player shouldn’t be able to interact with them (remove Box collider 2D?) -> Because this game is mostly outsources, I have less control. The problem is that flower(s) is(are) on top of others instead of going in the bag:


  • It seems like the animation stop before it is supposed to; the coroutine is interrupted. Solution: (1) make the animation part of the flower itself, not the flowers manager. (2) avoid the coroutine to be stopped.
  • private IEnumerator MoveCandyInBag(GameObject flower, float speed) isn’t called for all flowers
  • private IEnumerator MoveCandyInBag(GameObject flower, float speed), while loop never stops?

Try to have another Bejewelled code

Following this tutorial: https://www.raywenderlich.com/673-how-to-make-a-match-3-game-in-unity

  • No help to find a new combination.
  • No bonus

Back to the previous bejewelled code and changing as little as possible

  • Make sure it fits in the screen: (Start() of ShapesManager.cs)


Need to :

  • Make sur the bag and bottom part is always in front – Create two canvas with different sorting layers and the bejewelled inbetween
  • Connect it to the score (GameManager.cs and ShapesManager.cs) and change point win (Constants.cs)
  • Add the animations (outside ShapesManager.cs to avoid breaking the code) 
  • Add the modes
  • Add the end

Minor bugs

  • Collection scene- scroll panel: Not scaling correctly when screen size change. – Write script ContentFitScreen.cs on Content of ScrollPanel
  • Inertia of the scroll in Collection Scene – Activate it
  • Food Scene – position of the apple picture is colliding with panel – change scaling method
  • UV mapping of net (import/export on Photoshop)
  • Header in butterfly game is not fitting the width
  • Error “Coroutine couldn’t be started because the the game object ‘Back_Scrollpanel’ is inactive!” – add condition to check if the object is active
  • Remove all the print
  • Butterfly game – gauge background not well placed
  • Collection – flower don’t get to butterfly (too fast?) – now go in front of the butterfly
  • Gauge of infinity mode (food game) should start at the middle
  • ButterflyGame – load the gameEndScene 4 time and stop there (black screen of the transition, never get to GameEndScene) – Now check GameOver bool so it only call end of the game once
  • Check Food and Net count – (given in ButtonDifficulty.cs; changed in NetAmountDisplay, TimeBeforeNextNet.cs; managed in Variables.cs) – add a testing tool for nets so it never reaches 0
  • Start over button doesnt work – wrong scene name
  • Feed all – flowers dont appear for all the butterflies – because check only .x not .y
  • Double click to load a page make it bug – add a bool so the function is done only once at a time
  • Butterfly Game – gauge goes out of the container – Rect transform change
  • Get more (you need x more foodstuffs) button doesn’t work.
  • Wings of the butterfly are not open when not catch in panel info (collection scene)




Montage (using OpenShot and Gimp to create the pictures of the titles):


little bugs appeared while exporting the video (For instance, show a frame instead of another) so I had to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 to fix it. Also to slow some parts to the subtitles can be read: (the quality of the video is low though)


Moving forward

  • Optimise the code (remove the find by name or by index as a child, etc)
  • Add background.
  • Change candy sprite with flowers
  • Change the text of the story with animated pictures.
  • Make the butterflies fly in the jars.
  • Test more as a player (try to break the game)
  • Add music and sound effects
  • Maybe release it on Play store as a mobile game (with Ads to get more nets)


  • This project helped me understand the importance of iteration; When developing project, I used to write the game design with only one idea and program the prototype from it. Now I realised it is better to have several ways to do one mechanic and test them to decide which suits the game best.
  • Taught me to take the time to try different mechanics and not rush into production.
  • I now understand better the purpose of prototyping and how it can be used to organise playtesting with the right targeted audience.
  • For the next projects, I will definitely spend more time as a game designer in pre-production (i.e. test the mechanics, etc.) before actually starting the production.

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