Week 12 (1/04/19 – 7/04/19)

Test on Android

Feedback from people



“Un très beau jeu, idéal pour les jeunes. Un jeu éducatif et coloré, très bon” [A beautiful game, ideal for the youngest. An educative and colorful game, very good] by Rachel.

“Le principe est très bien. Cependant, je pense que vous pourriez créer d’autres histoire après la première pour faire durer le jeu. Après, je suis consciente que cela nécessite du travail” [The principal is good. However, I think you could create more stories after the first one to make the game last longer. But, I’m aware this needs more work] by Emily.

“Very interesting for kids” by Paul.

“Application très utile pour ma fille de deux ans, ça m’aide beaucoup à la faire patienter.” [Very useful application for my two years daugther. It helps me a lot to make her wait] by Anaïs.

“The game is easy to play after a while, but the first time, it’s hard to know what to do and what can be done” by Julia.

“I tried the different difficulties, but it seems like it is too easy all the time. Good game though” by Ryan.

Conclusion: What to change

  • Add a tutorial to show the navigation
  • Add background and the actual story (because for the moment it was told before the player tested the game)
  • Balance the difficulties

(fix the food game on Android):


Updated Gantt Chart



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